Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A 2 Fan Wonder

So today is election day. I'm still rather new to Bergen County, NJ thus I am still getting familiar with all of the political players. My Congressman in the 9th District is Steven R Rothman a Democrat. I don't know a lot about Congressman Rothman so I decided read about his stance on immigration, the economy, health care... To my surprise, Congressman Rothman does not have a campaign web site! What? It's 2010, not 1910. Are you serious. I conducted every possible keyword combination search on Google, Yahoo! and Bing... In addition, I did a search on Facebook. I could not find a personal Facebook page nor a sponsored Facebook fan page. However, I did find a community fan page with a grand total of 2 fans. See the image to the upper left. This is laughable. These are the people who represent us. These are the people who we put into office to pass laws on everything including TECHNOLOGY.

If he did not know, Barack Obama and his team mastered the use of social media. The social media blue print to get elected was set between 2006-2008.

What do you think? Should politicians at a minimum have a web site? Should politicians engage in FREE social media to get their message out?


Gil said...

I think that politicians who don't take the opportunity to use free social media as part of their campaign are out of touch with current times. I'm not saying it is the only way but I agree 100% get with it folks...

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