Friday, January 7, 2011

Leveraging the Digital Space to Grow Your Business

I will be a technology panelist for Reverend Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Project Economic Summit. If you are going to be in NYC during the week of January 11 then perhaps you can attend.

Wednesday January 12, 2010

SESSION V: Leveraging the Digital Space to Grow Your Business
Description: Learn how to leverage technology as a tool to grow your business with the use of cutting edge technology, social media and online marketing.
Time: 11:15AM EST

"A More Perfect Union: Time to Rebuild America"
JANUARY 11-14, 2011

Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
811 7th Avenue at 53rd Street, New York City

For more information visit:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tricked Out Facebook Page

A new Facebook App by Schweppes allows you to modify your Facebook profile with an image of your choosing. Unlike the old days of Myspace, Facebook allows page modifications with in certain limits.

Visit App at:

Check out the video below...

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facebook's Instant Personalization

I recently saw this status update circulating on Facebook:

"As of today, New Privacy setting called 'Instant Personalization' goes into effect. The new settings shares data with non-Facebook websites & it is automatically set to 'Enabled'. Go to Account>Privacy Settings>Applications & Websites>Instant Personalization>Edit Settings & uncheck 'Enable'. BTW, If your friends don't do this, they will be sharing information about you as well. ??? COPY & REPOST"

Why is it automatically assumed that any new privacy related changes that you described are bad? Personally, I welcome my information to be shared. Why? Because Facebook knows that I like to ski and that I like the History channel so I am served ads on Facebook related to ski deals in Aspen and new shows on the History channel. I like that. I don't like getting offers for things that don't pertain to me such as ads for Tanning Salons, Hair Coloring Products or Diapers...

Here's a quote from Facebook on Instant Personalization:
"Your information can only be used to present you with a more personalized experience and cannot be transferred to advertisers or used for any other purposes."

Pandora Radio is an Instant Personalization partner of Facebook, so I decided to check it out. The opt out messages are clearly labeled with options to "Keep Public" and "Make Private". See the main image above.

Instant Personalization is meant to make your web experience more meaningful. The people who are ultra paranoid need to simply relax. So, what do you think?