Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Google+ (Flour vs Crack)

As many of you know, I am a social media consultant and I released a book on social media January 2010 called Social Media Branding in the Age of Obama. It’s my job to stay on top of anything social media related. Last week, Google announced a limited release of Google+ which is Google’s answer to Facebook.
Some of my clients immediately asked me if they should be concerned. Therefore, I needed to test Google+ so I could give them an answer.
Let me start by saying if I were a Google employee, I would find a dark place to hide. Don’t drink the Koolaid. Google+ reminds me of a very good 12th grade programming assignment. Thus, I am not impressed.

2 reasons why you should avoid Google+

1. Artificial Demand:
Google is a master at creating artificial demand. With Google+ it’s classic economics. They simply limit the supply to create an artificial demand. I even got caught up in this mess. Google is playing us all. Don’t believe the hype.

2. No “Wow Factor":
In 1999 when I did my 1st Google search and saw the results I said “Wow, this is sweet” and I’ve been a Google fan ever since.
In 2008 when I joined Facebook and saw the seamless connectivity to friends I said “Wow, this is sweet” and I’ve been a Facebook fan ever since.
In 2011 when I joined Google+ I said “This is all yall working with? WTH”.
Google+ copied Facebook’s interface and integrated accounts using their Gmail API. I am familiar with API integrations and it’s not rocket science. In addition, Google+ has a java enabled drag and drop feature that allows you to classify your friends into groups called circles. There is nothing new here.
That’s pretty much it. No “Wow Factor”. A group of talented 12th graders could have built this in a few months.

For those of you who are familiar with street drug terminology you have heard the word “gank”. As the NWA rapper Ice Cube said “Ganked means being took for your bank or your money or your doe or something…”. The slang word gank is a verb and a noun. According to, Gank: fake illegal drugs sold as real. As we know, social media can be addictive like drugs and Google is trying to pull off a gank move. They are trying to sell us fake drugs.

Google+ is flour.
Facebook is crack.

What do you think?

For you soft folks, who get offended easily. Excuse the illegal drug references. This publication does not condone the use of illegal drugs.