Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finish Him!

According to Reuters, the California Supreme Court eliminated a ban on the sale of violent video games to minors. Reuters goes on to say "Governments cannot ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors because it would violate free-speech rights, the U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday in its first ruling in a video game case."

In 1991 Midway released Mortal Kombat which is/was a very violent fighting game. There have been several sequels to this hit video game. Mortal Kombat was most famous for its "Finishing Moves" which were death blows to be completed at the end of each 1-on-1 match. Finishing Moves consisted of decapitations, gripping out of hearts and spines and other gruesome acts of violence.

Check out Mortal Kombat Finishing Moves Here:

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Now the California Supreme Court says anyone, regardless of age, can buy or rent these games. So, what do you think?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outsourcing Player Hater

I was at a dinner party a few years ago and the topic of outsourcing came up. I am the owner of a web development firm and I've been outsourcing since 2003. I have a computer science degree and I used to do the grunt level coding/programming back in the day, but since 2003, I've been working smarter by outsourcing. I design all aspects of the projects that I outsource. I rarely give my coders the latitude to make system architecture decisions.

Anyway, at this dinner party I was heavily criticized by a woman for using technical labor in eastern Europe and Asia. I was told that I am taking away jobs from U.S. based workers. Well, I am a smaller player in a big game. I am only doing what Microsoft, Dell, IBM and every other major tech firm has been doing for decades. In addition, I have U.S. based workers doing customer relations which is extremely valuable.

This female had a nice Italian made purse and some nice shoes which were made in Italy.  Then I asked this female "What kind of car do you drive?".  She refused to tell me but I knew she drove a Lexus which is Japanese. Then I asked to see the tags on her blouse and pants.  She refused but I knew she was wearing Gucci.  I told her "You're sending more loot overseas than I ever have.  So, before you even think about checking me on sending U.S. jobs overseas, you need to check yourself!"

I compensate my U.S. workers with big dollars, thus they are making a lot of money.

In addition, I would like to quote myself: "Anything goes, when it comes to code, cyber pimpin ain't easy!"
Eric Hamilton 2011

So what do you think?