Friday, October 7, 2011

4 Ways Steve Jobs Changes The World

Steve Jobs changed the way in which we all interact with technology. I got my 1st computer in 1982. It was a Commodore 64 computer. Most of the functionality was text based as there was no concept of drag and drop. I took my 1st computer class in high school in 1984. We learned on IBM XT computers running MS DOS.

Even though I've never been a huge fan of Apple, I respect the game and the ingenuity required to take bold steps and change conventional thinking. The Macintosh computer was a bold step. The boldness is reflected in this Apple Superbowl Ad from 1984.

Before the Macintosh computer we were subject to typing commands from a DOS screen.
If I wanted to look at a large number of Microsoft Word files in a folder and see the file sizes I would type the following from a DOC command prompt "dir *.doc /c /p".
Now we simply double click 1 icon.

We Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in the early 90s, Apple ceased to innovate.
Upon Steve Jobs' return we saw products such as:
The iPod
The iPhone
The iPad

1) Steve Jobs didn't invent the computer but he made it easy to use and fun. Windows, Linux and every other operating system has copied Apple's concept.

2) Steve Jobs didn't invent music or MP3 technology, but he made practical to carry thousands of songs in our pocket. Sony, Zune and every other MP3 player has copied Apple's model.

3) Steve Jobs didn't invent the mobile phone, but he combined different technologies into a smart phone that had never been done before. Android, Blackberry and Microsoft are trying to may catch up.

4) Steve Jobs didn't invent the tablet computer but he created a demand that has yet to see its full potential. Amazon, Motorola, Acer, Dell are trying to play catch up.

30 years of amazing technology.

So, what do you think?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Google+ (Flour vs Crack)

As many of you know, I am a social media consultant and I released a book on social media January 2010 called Social Media Branding in the Age of Obama. It’s my job to stay on top of anything social media related. Last week, Google announced a limited release of Google+ which is Google’s answer to Facebook.
Some of my clients immediately asked me if they should be concerned. Therefore, I needed to test Google+ so I could give them an answer.
Let me start by saying if I were a Google employee, I would find a dark place to hide. Don’t drink the Koolaid. Google+ reminds me of a very good 12th grade programming assignment. Thus, I am not impressed.

2 reasons why you should avoid Google+

1. Artificial Demand:
Google is a master at creating artificial demand. With Google+ it’s classic economics. They simply limit the supply to create an artificial demand. I even got caught up in this mess. Google is playing us all. Don’t believe the hype.

2. No “Wow Factor":
In 1999 when I did my 1st Google search and saw the results I said “Wow, this is sweet” and I’ve been a Google fan ever since.
In 2008 when I joined Facebook and saw the seamless connectivity to friends I said “Wow, this is sweet” and I’ve been a Facebook fan ever since.
In 2011 when I joined Google+ I said “This is all yall working with? WTH”.
Google+ copied Facebook’s interface and integrated accounts using their Gmail API. I am familiar with API integrations and it’s not rocket science. In addition, Google+ has a java enabled drag and drop feature that allows you to classify your friends into groups called circles. There is nothing new here.
That’s pretty much it. No “Wow Factor”. A group of talented 12th graders could have built this in a few months.

For those of you who are familiar with street drug terminology you have heard the word “gank”. As the NWA rapper Ice Cube said “Ganked means being took for your bank or your money or your doe or something…”. The slang word gank is a verb and a noun. According to, Gank: fake illegal drugs sold as real. As we know, social media can be addictive like drugs and Google is trying to pull off a gank move. They are trying to sell us fake drugs.

Google+ is flour.
Facebook is crack.

What do you think?

For you soft folks, who get offended easily. Excuse the illegal drug references. This publication does not condone the use of illegal drugs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finish Him!

According to Reuters, the California Supreme Court eliminated a ban on the sale of violent video games to minors. Reuters goes on to say "Governments cannot ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors because it would violate free-speech rights, the U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday in its first ruling in a video game case."

In 1991 Midway released Mortal Kombat which is/was a very violent fighting game. There have been several sequels to this hit video game. Mortal Kombat was most famous for its "Finishing Moves" which were death blows to be completed at the end of each 1-on-1 match. Finishing Moves consisted of decapitations, gripping out of hearts and spines and other gruesome acts of violence.

Check out Mortal Kombat Finishing Moves Here:

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Now the California Supreme Court says anyone, regardless of age, can buy or rent these games. So, what do you think?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outsourcing Player Hater

I was at a dinner party a few years ago and the topic of outsourcing came up. I am the owner of a web development firm and I've been outsourcing since 2003. I have a computer science degree and I used to do the grunt level coding/programming back in the day, but since 2003, I've been working smarter by outsourcing. I design all aspects of the projects that I outsource. I rarely give my coders the latitude to make system architecture decisions.

Anyway, at this dinner party I was heavily criticized by a woman for using technical labor in eastern Europe and Asia. I was told that I am taking away jobs from U.S. based workers. Well, I am a smaller player in a big game. I am only doing what Microsoft, Dell, IBM and every other major tech firm has been doing for decades. In addition, I have U.S. based workers doing customer relations which is extremely valuable.

This female had a nice Italian made purse and some nice shoes which were made in Italy.  Then I asked this female "What kind of car do you drive?".  She refused to tell me but I knew she drove a Lexus which is Japanese. Then I asked to see the tags on her blouse and pants.  She refused but I knew she was wearing Gucci.  I told her "You're sending more loot overseas than I ever have.  So, before you even think about checking me on sending U.S. jobs overseas, you need to check yourself!"

I compensate my U.S. workers with big dollars, thus they are making a lot of money.

In addition, I would like to quote myself: "Anything goes, when it comes to code, cyber pimpin ain't easy!"
Eric Hamilton 2011

So what do you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SBI Award for The Web Academy

We are pleased to announce that the City of New York Board of Directors of the National BDPA is honoring the Web Academy with the Small Business Innovator(SBI) Award, which shall be presented at the 15th Annual BDPA NY Scholarship and Awards Dinner on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at UBS, 299 Park Avenue. The theme for the evening is "Innovating our Future".

You made this possible by supporting the Web Academy as a student or simply forwarding an email about our program.

As always, feel free to enroll in FREE web design classes at:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

AdSmoke in MassChallenge

AdSmoke was invited to participate in Round 2 judging at MassChallenge.

How it Works in Round 2:
Round 2 is a 20 minute pitching round. AdSmoke will have 10 minutes to pitch to a panel of judges, followed by 10 minutes for Q & A. The results of Round 2 judging will determine which teams are invited to participate in the MassChallenge accelerator program.

About MassChallenge:
Open to any startup, any industry, from anywhere.
Finalist get access to the world's best mentors, training, and resources.
Winners a share of $1 million in seed funding.

About AdSmoke:
AdSmoke is a digital video ad network that allows web site owners the ability to earn revenue by showing commercials in front of their embedded video content.

You can still cast a vote for AdSmoke:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Leveraging the Digital Space to Grow Your Business

I will be a technology panelist for Reverend Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Project Economic Summit. If you are going to be in NYC during the week of January 11 then perhaps you can attend.

Wednesday January 12, 2010

SESSION V: Leveraging the Digital Space to Grow Your Business
Description: Learn how to leverage technology as a tool to grow your business with the use of cutting edge technology, social media and online marketing.
Time: 11:15AM EST

"A More Perfect Union: Time to Rebuild America"
JANUARY 11-14, 2011

Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
811 7th Avenue at 53rd Street, New York City

For more information visit:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tricked Out Facebook Page

A new Facebook App by Schweppes allows you to modify your Facebook profile with an image of your choosing. Unlike the old days of Myspace, Facebook allows page modifications with in certain limits.

Visit App at:

Check out the video below...

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facebook's Instant Personalization

I recently saw this status update circulating on Facebook:

"As of today, New Privacy setting called 'Instant Personalization' goes into effect. The new settings shares data with non-Facebook websites & it is automatically set to 'Enabled'. Go to Account>Privacy Settings>Applications & Websites>Instant Personalization>Edit Settings & uncheck 'Enable'. BTW, If your friends don't do this, they will be sharing information about you as well. ??? COPY & REPOST"

Why is it automatically assumed that any new privacy related changes that you described are bad? Personally, I welcome my information to be shared. Why? Because Facebook knows that I like to ski and that I like the History channel so I am served ads on Facebook related to ski deals in Aspen and new shows on the History channel. I like that. I don't like getting offers for things that don't pertain to me such as ads for Tanning Salons, Hair Coloring Products or Diapers...

Here's a quote from Facebook on Instant Personalization:
"Your information can only be used to present you with a more personalized experience and cannot be transferred to advertisers or used for any other purposes."

Pandora Radio is an Instant Personalization partner of Facebook, so I decided to check it out. The opt out messages are clearly labeled with options to "Keep Public" and "Make Private". See the main image above.

Instant Personalization is meant to make your web experience more meaningful. The people who are ultra paranoid need to simply relax. So, what do you think?