Monday, November 19, 2007

What responsibility, if any, do countries have in preventing environmental damage by Eric Hamilton

The resolution to environmental damage goes well beyond what policies a given government can create. As we all know, government is controlled by big business and the almighty dollar. We certainly know that big business is more interested in turning a profit, than protecting the future of our species. If protecting our environment is left up to government and business, then we are all doomed. “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman speaks about globalization, collaboration and empowering the individual. In no other time, in the history of our global society, have so many people been able to connect, collaborate and make changes that effect other people a half of a world away. In 2007, it is relatively simple to start a blog (web log which is an online publication in the form of a log or journal) to express a given view point and to disseminate information. Web sites can be easily construction to gather support and recruit members for the cause. Email distribution lists can be crated to keep interested members knowledgeable about progress and upcoming events. Instant messengers and web cams can be used to connect distant strangers in real time to further harness the sense of community. Ecommerce payment systems make raising funds a streamlined efficient process. Third party media web sites such as allow the individual a prime time, unbiased, relatively uncensored stage to express strong viewpoints. So, it’s not just the businesses and the governments of countries who have a responsibility in preventing environmental damage. Because the people of the world have been afforded this wonderful gift called technology, as a result the ultimate power of prevention lies with the people.

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