Monday, November 19, 2007

The Next “Big Thing” in Technology by Eric Hamilton

The next big thing in technology will be media ad exchange networks that produce rich media (video) content allowing advertisers and online destinations to connect seamlessly. In addition, this new technology will allow the advertiser to acquire unprecedented analytics demographics and geographic data and to track potential in store purchases back to original search query key words and rich media impressions.

Google and Yahoo have done an awesome job at making money selling primarily text based ads on their respective search engines. In general, display ads are 5 times as effective as text ads. Rich media (video) ads are 8 times as effective as display ads. Thus, a rich media (video) ad is 40 times as effective as a text based ad. Google and Yahoo have made billions primarily on the text based ad model.

According to a recent IBM study, Americans are spending less and less time watching television and more time in front of their computer screens. 19% of the study participants stated that they spend 6 or more hours a day on the Internet. 9% of the study participants stated that they spend 6 or more hours watching TV.

Advertisers desire an easy method to get their video ads on the popular media destinations, such as YouTube , TV network sites, search engines and social networking sites.

The company that effectively merges the 2 worlds of advertisers and online destinations with special attention paid to video ads, with the ability to track offline conversions and to track demographic/geographic information, will be the next “Big Thing” in Technology.

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