Thursday, May 5, 2016

Report Builder Interactive Controls Issue

As a heavy user of Adobe Analytics, I ran into a problem using Interactive Controls recently. I could not find a solution on any Adobe website, on any blog or social site.  Adobe Support pointed me in the right direction but they did not provide a solution.  I was able fix the problem.  See below.  I hope this helps.

Getting the following error message when attempting to use Interactive Controls in Report Builder in Adobe Analytics
"Cannot run the macro 'FormControlClickEvent'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled."

Adobe ReportBuilder.Bridge is not enabled as an Excel Add-in (it may be enabled as a COM Add-in only)

Open Excel
Click File
Click Options
Under Manage, select "Excel Add-ins"
Click Go
Adobe.ReportBuilder.Bridge will be missing from list.
Click "Automation"
Select "Adobe.ReportBuilder.Bridge"
Click "OK"


Josh said...

Thanks for posting this! I had the same issue when trying to use segments in my Report Builder data tables and couldn't find any Adobe or Microsoft documentation that explained how to solve the issue. Very helpful post!!

Unknown said...

Hi Eric,
I am receiving the same error, however my reportbuilder.bridge was not missing from the excel add-ins. Considering that there are issues with the server located in Dallas, I feel as though this issue is Adobe driven (rather than user PC related).


Unknown said...

Just to follow-up, there was a release today, and after uninstalling Report Builder and then downloading a new file and re-installing, my issue appears to be resolved. So same issue, but with different resolutions...thankfully we were able to get the tool to work again. Eric, thanks for providing a space to discuss this issue.

EHAM said...

Glad this helped...

Thanks for the follow up...

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