Friday, July 12, 2013

Lawyers Got You Scared & Pimpin You!

For the past 235+ years that we have been a country, lawyers have earned their keep by fear. Let me explain. People naturally fear things that they do not understand.  The language of law is by nature cryptic.  I was watching a lawyer in action once and this partial lawyer said the following when describing a case that he was working on:
"Said suspect surrendered said vehicle at the location in question at fifteen hundred hours".
What does that mean?
He could have easily said "He left the car on the corner at 3 o'clock".

Laws Are Just Rules
We have rules for every facet of our lives but they are not as cryptic as the rules of law.  Here is a question for you all?   In  the board game Monopoly, what happens when you pass GO?  You know it.  You collect $200.  As a child, did you have a legal team to help you understand and interpret the rules of Monopoly?
Because it's not cryptic.

Think about this blog entry the next time you have to seek legal counsel on something as simple as collecting $200 by passing GO.

What do you think?

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