Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Checklist Items to Help Find a Tech Co-Founder

Many tech start-up founders seek co-founders to help build their businesses. This can be a daunting task as nobody is going to be as dedicated to the start-up as the founder.

There are many things to consider when selecting a co-founder.

Take my co-founder check list test.

1) Does your potential co-founder share your vision? yes +0 no -3
2) Has impressive resume and industry knowledgeable? yes +3 no -2
3) Do they have a full time job or full time student? yes -2 no +1
4) Do they miss meetings? regularly -5 sometimes -2 never +1
5) Are they late to meetings? regularly -2 sometimes -1 never +2
6) Do they desire large shares of your company? -1
7) Have they secured important partnerships? +3 for each partnership
8) Have they secured important clients? +2 for each client
9) Any significant task or win that has allowed your company to grow (ex product build, talent finds)? +1 for each task
10) any significant negative incident that has questioned their committment? -1 per incident

-10 or lower don't even think about having them on your management team
-5 still a bad choice for your team
0 has potential
5 a good fit for your team with room for growth
10 A dream team member and definite keeper

As the founder, your score should be over 10+, if it isn't then you have alot of work to do!

What do you think?


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