Friday, July 12, 2013

What Does $1 Trillion Look Like?

According to Nielsen (leading global information and measurement company), it is predicted that African American's annual spend will exceed $1 trillion.  When I 1st heard this, I had to think about what $1 trillion looks like.  We've all seen a hundred dollar bill.  It bears Benjamin Franklin's face.  If I had a stack of one hundred dollar bills, $1 million would be about waste high about 3 feet tall or about 1 meter.  If I turned this $1 million stack on it's side and placed in on the ground, I could jump over with little effort.  Remember it's only 3 feet long.

Now, what would $1 trillion in hundreds laid on the ground look like?  Well, I live in the New York city area and this stack of hundreds would stretch from New York city to Philadelphia to Washington DC back to Philadelphia back to New York city and all the way to Boston, MA.  It would be more than 620 miles long.  That's a lot of damn money.  What do you think?


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