Thursday, November 29, 2012

“Find Black Businesses App” Sees 1000th Download

Around The Way Mobile app automatically finds Black owned businesses close to you. 

NEW YORK, November 30, 2012 / -- The mobile app startup, Around The Way, today announced its 1000th download of the iPhone version of the Around The Way app. This app allows the user to automatically find the closest Black-owned business to the user’s current location. The Android version is currently unavailable and expected to be released January 2013.

Around The Way is a user-friendly app designed to empower the listed Black-owned businesses. After the app is launched and the user allows the GPS to “find” your current location, a colorful map is displayed with pins to designate the local Black-owned businesses. Businesses can list themselves by tapping the settings icons and submitting the appropriate information. The app currently has the following business categories: ATM/Bank, Auto, Bakery/Cafe, Beauty/Barber, Club/Lounge, Laundry/Cleaners, Lodging, Restaurant and Shopping. According to management at Around The Way, there are plans to expand the categories to include professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers and accountants and service providers such as cleaning services.

Mobile applications and mobiles devices are changing the way in which we do everything. Around The Way's sole purpose is to empower Black owned businesses.

The team at Around The Way is happy about reaching 1000 downloads but they are not popping champagne bottles yet. Eric Hamilton, former Yahoo! Engagement Manager and current Chief Marketing Officer of Around The Way commented: “We’ve only been around for a few weeks so 1000 downloads is a decent start. We plan to see stronger download numbers after the Android version is available and after we secure strategic partnerships with various Black Chambers of Commerce”.

Around The Way is destined to be a hit among progressive African American consumers.

You can download Around The Way by searching for “Around The Way” in the Apple app store. For more information on Around The Way, visit

About Around The Way:
Around The Way is a geo-location mobile application company in New York city. Around The Way was founded by African Americans. Their technology was created by African Americans. Around The Way is 100% owned by African Americans. To learn more, visit


Kyle Brandon said...

We can pretty much do almost everything by the use of internet nowadays, from video viewing upto establishing businesses online. Technology has come a long way in making things easier for us than the usual pace, that's why I'm always looking forward in different developments in technology.

Joseph Lee said...

Technology have been bringing us a lot of benefits to the businesses and companies. Even the way they market their products and services has come a long way, this is a good sign cause it only means that they could cope up with the incoming changes in the system.

Mobile App design said...

good stuff , so nice to get information like this.. good work keep going.........

Esteban Jackson said...

It's nice to hear that businesses are pushing their luck on trying out different services offered by the internet. This way, many people who are frequent online users will get the chance to enjoy the services of these companies wherever they are and whatever time of the day is it.

Harley Hanson said...

I may have to agree with what Kyle said, because of the technology’s virality it became a tool in opening business in the World Wide Web world. A lot of businesses now use technology to make their business flourish and most of them invest a lot in this kind of technique.

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